What This Page Is All About


This space is to share thoughts, resources, ideas, strategies, challenges, and success in both the business of art and the creating of art. I hope that people visiting this site will find it useful and interesting. My intention is to post whenever I have something to say, but at least weekly. 

Here are some guidelines for blogging in this space:

1.   Please be polite, kind and respectful. The “Golden Rule” is a good guideline. Keep in mind that tone (especially humor) is easily misunderstood. If there is a chance you might be misunderstood, try an emoji.

2.   Identify yourself by name. Just good manners, really.

3.   Use this space to share your resources, ideas, challenges and successes, but don't write just to promote yourself.

4. Blogging can be such a lonely occupation and those replies really help connect us. So, reply any time you think it will expand the conversation or help someone. 

Thanks for joining me.

Honey Lea


"Ambition" Pastel on board, copyright Honey Lea Gaydos 2016

"Ambition" Pastel on board, copyright Honey Lea Gaydos 2016