Artist Statement


I have built my professional life on two loves, art and science. These two seemingly opposite passions have sometimes competed, but they have also always informed each other. Because of my work as a portrait artist and my practice as a Clinical Specialist in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing, I learned how to carefully observe and analyze the possible meanings lying beneath the surface expressions of the face and body. Understanding the power of those expressions to convey hidden meanings and emotional states and the observational skills I have developed are essential to my artwork which is mostly psychological and figurative.

Using classical painting techniques in acrylic and pastel, I prefer to paint images that are beautiful, ambiguous, and quiet.  The faces and figures of the women that I paint are not meant to be portraits, but, rather, expressions of psychological truths and moments in time. I paint women because that is the life experience I relate to the most. Sometimes, I include objects in my figurative work for their emotional or symbolic value. My intention is to connect with viewers through images that are emotionally evocative and meaningful.